5 TAG heuer couple watches:Interpretation of the true meaning of love

True love is not chasing the game from the same rhythm of two hearts tend to play the most beautiful piece of music. Because each of the charisma and attract each other, because the common goal to grow together, constantly challenge themselves on the road to support each other, to achieve their goals in life, the only way love will really know how close the true meaning of love.

What can always stand in the long course of years, but eventually becoming bad, and also allows the self-glow signs of new life, in addition to time itself, is love. 2011 Tanabata, so Hoya for your interpretation of a new era of love: to break the limitations of language to break geographical shackles, shoulder to shoulder with time, adhere to the good old love.

F1 Series – modern, fashion, passion

Couple watch F1 series bold design without exaggeration, and simple yet charming fashion. Material stainless steel polished case, screw-in crown with sapphire crystal, Bingcheng Hao Ya consistent quality. All are marked by hand pressure when embedded, to show the extraordinary TAG Heuer watchmaking. Faceted hour and minute hands and hour markers are fluorescent tags top. By the ceramic and stainless steel bracelet crafted exquisite, show the splendor of TAG Heuer, dynamic, avant-garde style charm.

tagheuer f1
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Link Series – elegant, intellectual, introverted
Link series watch lovers with its simple lines constructed like a liquid metal dynamic beauty, highlights watch vitality, innocence, curves and precise, just like the embodiment of the couple’s elegant model for the city – a low-key gentle, introverted intellectual, non-Zoran outstanding at no exudes good taste. Well-polished crown and polished rounded edges are very modern, monochrome dial on top of the TAG Heuer logo is hand-paste system, the pointer is also curved faceted polished by hand made​​. Bracelets can be identified on an S-shaped cuff links make wearing more comfortable. Adhering to the series of start-up of the essence of value at the time: the appearance of avant-garde luxury with unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

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Carrera series – the classic, the atmosphere, stable

As the oldest design of TAG Heuer’s most classic series, Carrera watch extend the series of couples has always been elegant, clean, readable and elegant character. Open design of the dial brings a strong sense of visual impact, striking the table edge of the satin finish of the instrument as the moment of scale, and the silver dial of the optimum ratio of high-level processing, you can instantly feel the Carrera series noble racing pedigree. It is worth mentioning that men’s watch department in Geneva in 2010 on the dominance of the 1887 awards watch chronograph, sophisticated technology and design has gone beyond the barriers of reproduction as the first version of the Carrera’s 1964 classic fashion.

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Monaco Series – avant-garde, personality, independent

Monaco couple watch its unconventional design to meet the new era couple of unique aesthetic requirements. Release of the classic 1970 film “Le Mans”, Monaco (Monaco) watch creative Quartet appearance by Steve McQueen (Steve – McQueen) debut, set off a worldwide wave of fashion craze. Monaco has rough square watch case and continues to enchant the courage to overturn the traditional, the forerunner to challenge themselves.


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Acquaracer) series – energy, health, close to nature

TAG Heuer Aquaracer series is a masterpiece of modern watch design, to meet each couple close to nature, fashion health needs. Because of the excellent quality and the continuous pursuit of excellent performance, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Series made a number of outstanding design achievements, from the anti-scratch sapphire crystal lens to dust-proof, waterproof two-tier security ring effect screw-in crown ; from the precise timing of the one-way rotating bezel to prevent accidental loosening snap-action clasp double insurance, security, outstanding performance and stability Aquaracer watch even the most severe water conditions, but also allows the couple to wear swim in love as much as possible the ocean.

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