Review the 2020 TAG Heuer Connected 45 MM Smart Watch Replica

2020 TAG Heuer Connected smart watch replica is the most exquisite smart watch made by TAG Heuer.

In 2020, TAG Heuer Connected is based on the brand’s previous smart watches, with many improvements added. Undoubtedly, this is the highest performance smart watch made by luxury brands because it uses the latest hardware and technology. However, the most important thing is that it is easy to say that 2020 TAG Heuer Connected smart watch replica is the most exquisite smart watch made by TAG Heuer, because it has many subtle details that make it both highly wear-resistant and easy to use.

The Case

Regarding the 2020 TAG Heuer Connected replica, the first thing you will notice is the exquisite design. The case is now completely round, and the rather ugly antenna protrusions have been removed from the Connected Modular 41. The result is that the design feels more compact and looks more like a traditional watch.

On this basis, TAG Heuer drew inspiration from its mechanical Carrera chronograph replica series and added a physical button similar to a chronograph button. These make navigation software easier and can be personalized to launch any application of your choice. Located between the two buttons is a rotating crown, which acts as a power button and a way to scroll in the operating system (except for the touch screen).

The case also feels stronger than previous generations. This is due in part to the use of stainless steel in the case, which gives the smartwatch a pleasing weight. In terms of size, with a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness of 13.5 mm, this watch is larger (for example, it is certainly not as compact as the Apple Watch), but due to the relatively short lug-to-lug width, Connected does not feel too large.

The Dial

Speaking of the screen, the new OLED touchscreen topped with the sapphire crystal is the best-looking screen yet for the TAG Heuer Connected replica family. Overall, each of the steel or black PVD-coated titanium-cased 2020 TAG Heuer Connected replica watches feel more like traditional luxury watches as compared to a technology product (and even more so than past TAG Heuer Connected products). A lot of this is due to in-house design efforts at TAG Heuer to make sure as many top-end materials and finishes are used in the exterior of the watch. Under the ceramic bezel, for instance, is the antenna, which would not be able to receive any signals if it were under a metal component.

Retouching is obviously one of the most important elements of the luxury watch wearing experience. The sporty style of the TAG Heuer Connected watch replica is a matte black version with a grade 2 titanium case. On the black rubber strap, it is very suitable for beautiful but practical fitness or activity smart watches.

TAG Heuer replica developed an attractive chronograph dial software that is activated by pressing the bottom pusher and then uses the two pushers normally as one might operate a traditional chronograph watch. Then you have the special sports tracking software that gives you the ability to easily track and measure a series of sports activities. No, this latter function is not unique, but the appeal is in the attractive graphic design and slick presentation of the software which is really core to the luxury part of the experience.

The Battery

One of the best parts of the concept is how TAG Heuer replica designed the Connected to be as long-lasting (without needing to be replaced) as possible. A good example is a special system that allows the battery to be removed and replaced, as batteries are typically the first components to fail in such products. TAG Heuer also has a companion smartphone app that goes with the Connected, allowing you to manipulate a lot of the watch’s features. In the app, users will be notified about new features such as software updates and brand new in-house-designed watch faces.

The battery itself is a 430mAh unit, about the same size as you see on a Wear OS watch. This will make it easy for you to spend the entire day, even in a mix with an hour of GPS tracking activity.

The Straps

In terms of physical customisation there’s an interchangeable bracelet system, with a choice of durable rubber straps available in a classic black scale pattern with red stitching, bolder perforated red, orange or khaki. There are also core steel and black options.


Pricing for the latest Tag Heuer Connected replica starts at $1,800 – that gets you a steel case and a rubber strap version. The top model, with a titanium case is $2,350. You can buy the rubber straps for $100 to $150; a stainless steel band will set you back $490.

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