BWD and Badgerworks’ TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Watch Replica With Tropical Coffee Dial

Watch customization expert Bamford and Swedish industrial design company Black Badger work together to present a special dial color (and material) in the most innovative way, launching BWD X Badgerworks TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 Tropical Coffee watch replica.

Second Collaboration

For Bamford, creating an exclusive tropical dial is very important, but not in a simple industrial way. George Bamford plans to produce a series of unique timepieces, so that each one can clearly show a unique personality. At the same time, George Bamford also favored the concept of using renewable resources for dial manufacturing, which gave birth to the idea of using roasted and ground coffee to give Calera the main color of the TAG Heuer Carrera watch replica.

To achieve this specific goal, Bamford once again collaborated with Gothenburg Industrial Design Company Black Badger, Bamford Watch Department and Badgerworks have once again elected the TAG Heuer Carrera replica as their canvas, this time moving on from their previous use of Fordite to an even more unexpected material for its dial construction: ground coffee. The organic material is sourced from Göteborg’s Cafe da Matteo, a renowned coffee shop in Sweden, and then made into blank dials that are hand-finished before assembly. 

BWD X Badgerworks TAG Heuer Carrera “Tropical” Dial

The “tropical” dials and their distinctive “chocolate” colors represent a rather important chapter in TAG Heuer watch fake collecting. The name refers to the color of the dial, usually a dark-to-light brown hue which is the product of the degradation of the tint of the dial over time, mostly caused by sunlight and air. They are a much discussed and appreciated argument among collectors.

Consequently, brown dials are an acquired taste and are mostly associated with vintage watches and not necessarily with new pieces. However, brown is becoming more and more common in new watchmaking. It is precisely within the independent creators where we are beginning to find fascinating executions of this idea, where the warmth and elegance of brown become an unexpected canvas for time telling.

Introducing: The BWD X Badgerworks TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 ...

“It’s amazing to be working with the awesome James Thompson at Black Badger on our second collaboration,” says George Bamford, founder of BWD. “I’ve always wanted to create a wonderful tropical dial but in a modern way, and I think this recycled coffee dial really has an authentic tropical vibe to it. Accentuated inside the TAG Heuer Carrera 41 mm steel watch fake this really works well together”.

James Thompson aka Black Badger also chimed in: “For me this is a natural progression for the BWD Badgerworks project. In the same way that we previously used the Fordite material, we are exploring materials outside of the traditional realm of watchmaking. Few materials are as familiar both in appearance and experience as coffee. Economies are built on it, wars are fought over it, history is tied to it. As a planet over 2 billion cups are consumed every day.”

The Caliber 5 Movement

Inside each “aromatic” TAG Heuer Carrera timepiece replica beats the Caliber 5 automatic caliber. The 41 mm steel case is accompanied by a brown leather strap that nicely coordinates with this new “tropical” dial concept. The special edition BWD X Badgerworks TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 with Tropical Coffee Dial watch replica will be limited to just 20 units and retailing for £5,500 GBP (roughly $6,737 USD).


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Introducing TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon Limited Editions Men’s Watch Replica

Swiss pioneering watch brand TAG Heuer is one of the most important watchmaking brands in the field of racing. Its classic Carrera has long been highly sought after. Not only because of the close connection between the brand and the racing field, but also because of this classic collection’s constant subversion of watchmaking design rules. Today, TAG Heuer applied the ultra-light carbon alloy, used in the Monaco Bamford Carbon and Aquaracer Carbon models, to its locomotive product line. The newly introduced collection includes the TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon Chronograph Heuer 02 replica and Carrera Carbon Tourbillon Phantom replica


In 1963, Jack Heuer created a robust, no-nonsense chronograph designed specifically to hit the road and destined to set new standards. He decided to name it after one of the most dangerous races, the Carrera Panamericana. This legendary open-road race was created in the early 1950s to celebrate the creation of the Mexican stretch of the Panamerican highway. Over the years, the TAG Heuer Carrera men’s watch replica has evolved and became one of the brand’s more popular lines.

The Tourbillon Carrera Carbon

The first of these limited editions, the TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon Tourbillon Phantom Heuer 02T replica gets its name from its dark colour. The blacked-out watch has a 45mm PVD-coated titanium case, complemented by a carbon tachymeter bezel. The movement is the in-house calibre Heuer 02T, featuring a tourbillon and a chronograph. This movement is also presented with a black finish – featuring black-gold-plated or PVD-coated components. The column-wheel chronograph movement is regulated by a one-minute tourbillon operating at 4 Hz. Its precision is certified by the COSC and it boasts a 65-hour power reserve.

A limited edition of 500 watches, the TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon Tourbillon Phantom retails for CHF 21,500, is built over the same platform that is also used in the Carrera Heuer-02T – still the most affordable Swiss made Tourbillon on the market in its base model configuration.

Case: 45mm – black PVD-coated titanium case, carbon bezel – sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-reflective coating – exhibition caseback – water-resistant to 100 m

Movement: in-house Calibre Heuer 02T, COSC-certified- automatic column-wheel chronograph and one-minute tourbillon – 65h power reserve – 4Hz frequency – 33 jewels – hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph and tourbillon

Strap: alligator and rubber strap with safety folding buckle

Reference: FC6415

Limited edition: 500 pieces

Price: CHF 21,500

The Heuer 02 Carrera Carbon

The two other limited editions are named TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon Chronograph Heuer 02 watch fake. They mainly differ from the previous watch by the absence of a tourbillon regulator. These are slightly smaller at 43mm in diameter and are fashioned out of PVD-coated steel.

This 45mm watch is powered by TAG Heuer’s Calibre Heuer 02T movement. The color of its internal mechanical parts is dark black, hence the name Phantom. The hollow dial is decorated with blue hour markers, hands and sub-dial. The three functions are arranged in a classic three-eye style, and the dial is neat and mechanical.

The first edition features a combination of rose gold and carbon details. The other model introduced in this Carrera sub-collection features touches of blue – on the sub-dials, the indexes, and the central second hand. Both watches are powered by the Calibre Heuer 02 chronograph. It is a good thing to see this in-house movement used more and more frequently by TAG Heuer. It was first unveiled on the Autavia and recently on the vintage-inspired Carrera Fragment – and will slowly become the norm for the brand.

This modern integrated automatic chronograph relies on an efficient vertical clutch and column-wheel architecture. Its 3-6-9 layout brings great balance in comparison with the previous Calibre Heuer 01. Both watches are worn on a perforated rubber strap secured by a folding buckle. The black-and-blue version of the TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon Heuer 02 retails for CHF 7,500 while its black-and-gold sister is priced at CHF 9,500. These are limited editions of 750 pieces (blue) and 350 pieces (rose gold).

Case: 43mm – black PVD-steel case, carbon bezel – sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-reflective coating – exhibition caseback – water-resistant to 100 m

Movement: in-house Calibre Heuer 02 – automatic column-wheel chronograph – 80h power reserve – 4Hz frequency – 33 jewels – hours, minutes, seconds, date and chronograph

Strap: rubber strap with safety folding buckle

References: FT6143 and CBG2017.FT6143

Limited editions: 750 (blue) and 350 pieces (rose gold)

Price: CHF 7,500 (blue) and CHF 9,500 (rose gold)

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